The people we love and who care about us form a vital network of connections in our lives. Those connections define us – for better or worse. The Embrace Collection focuses on having the courage to make those hard decisions.


  The Awaken line is for women exploring their creative, analytical sides – perhaps contemplating a change in career or locale. Just remember, the one person you really need to convince is yourself. Don’t be afraid to take the leap.


There comes a point where it needs to be about you again. Women often wear ourselves down taking care of everyone else. The Restore collection is for every woman who knows feeling good again needs to be the top priority.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

So how do you get started creating a signature design to mark the transformation going on in your life? As a designer, I want to create a piece of art to affirm your commitment to your path - one you can carry with you every single day. My goal is to make something to keep you feeling inspired and help you own your story, while you navigate the changes and decisions in your life. I will work with you to create and fine tune your vision, incorporating meaningful elements to create your perfect jewelry piece. Let me help you bring your vision to life!

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