Custom Gallery

Create a signature piece that will last a lifetime. This page features custom work made for clients and their families. This includes special occasion, wedding, birthday, and graduation gifts, as well as family rings and “just because” surprises! All the pieces shown here are one-of-a-kind. So don’t just grab the first thing you see at the mall. We can work with you, in person or via email, to design something unique that the special person you want to honor will adore!

SA pendant_v7
A Daughter’s Love


This unique two-tone pendant, a gift for the client’s mom’s landmark birthday, was inspired by her mom’s love for lilies. It features a beautiful orange fancy-colored diamond in the centre, with the main flower flanked by two smaller ones, representing the daughters.  

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wanda ring_v16
Family Tree Ring


This Family Tree ring was designed to celebrate and reflect things that were important to the client’s blended family – including birthstones and a line from a special story.





Mountain-Inspired Wedding Set

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There is something incredibly special about being asked to design a wedding set. This pair was made to celebrate the couple’s shared love of the mountains. Lady’s band include prong set white diamonds, and three dimensional “peak” details. Man’s band showcases a range in the Canadian rockies.







photo 3
You’re the Best, Mom!

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This 18kg pendant, set with three white .40 carat diamonds, was designed as a Christmas gift for the client’s mom. The diamonds symbolize the giver and her siblings. The pattern on the outside of the design celebrates mom’s Scottish heritage. This gift was an eye-opener on Christmas morning, that’s for sure!






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deanna earrings_v8
Retro Chic

Art Deco inspired platinum earrings, set with princess cut diamonds. Steam punk cool.






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brenda ring_v7

This innovative two-tone gold ring was made for a client wanting to reuse elements of her old wedding set in a new way. Incorporates elements important to her First Nations beliefs. Features two “feathers” converging at the top diamond, and an eagle face carved on the bottom where the feathers meet.


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Bring the Bling!


A 10k men’s wedding band designed for a good friend. White gold set with 18 princess cut white sapphires; box detailing on other sides.



















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Truly Personal



A piece commissioned to reflect a personal tattoo! Original artwork by Johnny Faulds at Urge2 Tattoo in Edmonton, Canada.




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Funky pendant designed for a teen passionate about pandas, who wanted something cool and interesting.