Gems of Information

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As a designer, I hope to be your definitive source for fine jewelry. I am happy to provide answers to questions you have about coloured gemstones, fine metals and design in general.

I work primarily in precious metals (mainly white, rose, and yellow gold, and sterling silver) and genuine gemstones. Where possible, I try to source stones that are in their natural state – i.e., not heat-treated, oiled, etc. However, for some stones, these treatments are common and it is in fact difficult to find stones without – and the results without treatment may be less than stellar. Similarly, I focus on natural diamonds when possible. These decisions reflect my belief that what makes jewelry truly special is the fact that it is actually derived from nature. The idea that a gemstone can lie in the ground for thousands of years before being discovered and polished, and be made to look dazzling, is almost magical to me!

My greatest artistic inspiration is Art Nouveau, a design movement from Europe in the early 1900s which focused on nature, the mystical, and on human beauty. Devised primarily as a reaction to the industrial revolution, Art Nouveau pieces were characterized by a somewhat dreamy, mysterious quality. Similarly, I strive to capture this tranquility and grandeur in m work. I work to convey the essence and experience of nature, with a clean, modern, stylized aesthetic.

As importantly, I strive to combine this design knowledge with technical information about jewelry construction, and the precision and accuracy of CAD design.

Please take a look at my articles in this section, to help provide you more information about jewelry and design.