10 Benefits of CAD Design

  1. One of a kind designs:

    You know when you walk into a chain store and see 100 rings in a case that are basically identical, except for the colour of the stone? We don’t do that. Make it as simple – or as fancy – as you’d like.

  2. The opportunity to tell your story:

    Do the ladies in your wedding party have a running joke about frogs? Want a gift that says “Congrats on getting your BFA”, with those happy/sad masks? Want to send a hidden message to your sweetie? We can design something you’ll never find in a store, that’s perfect for any occasion. We love to find ways to incorporate your personal story.

  3. Options in how to achieve your price point:

    Some people really, really love white gold; others are happy with sterling silver. We present choices. It’s your decision.

  4. Flexible timelines and payments:

    Unlike some jewelry stores, you tell us what your constraints are, we can find a way to make it work for you. And yes, we take Paypal!

  5. Collaborative experience where you can bring things to the table – literally:

    Have your mom’s old engagement set sitting in your closet; no way you’ll ever wear it as-is? We can redesign it to suit your taste, lifestyle, and budget.

  6. No high pressure sales:

    I’ll be honest, I went to check out a jewelry store in the mall the other day. I was the only one there. The two saleswomen followed me from case, to case, to case… ‘Nuff said?

  7. Meet whenever and wherever is convenient for you:

    Everybody has time pressure nowadays. If 7:30 at the local coffee shop is what works best for you – we’re game!

  8. Work with someone who is dedicated to the industry:

    Regular stores generally need to hire part time staff with little experience, and potentially little passion. The designer is there for the duration. We’re dedicated to creating jewelry, and to getting it right for you.

  9. Control over any aspect of the design that is of concern to you:

    Do you want Canadian diamonds; do you want to reuse stones from a different ring; are you allergic to some metals and looking for hypoallergenic solutions? We can help fulfill these needs and more.

  10. CAD software gives you control over the final product:

    Expert renderings show you how your finished design will look, and allow you to make otherwise costly alterations right up until the last minute. Want to see what your pendant looks like with a diamond instead of a topaz? We can do that. In fact, we’re happy to!