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Making it Personal

One of the “givens” of the 21st century is customization. Remember the old joke about Ford giving you your choice of color… as long as you wanted black? Those days are long gone. We are entering an age of mass customization: making things just right for the individual – every individual. An incredible opportunity… and an incredible challenge! Technological advances now allow us to make changes and edits easily enough to satisfy every taste. It’s not enough, today, for creations to be beautiful; they have to be personal.

Personalization is really the art behind the design process. Picking out one of a hundred near-identical engagement rings, like you find in your average jewelry store, is rarely considered an inspiring process – it’s when your husband-to-be makes the effort of thinking about your particular style (is she classic or modern; does she prefer elaborate or simple), your likes and dislikes (yellow, white or rose gold; a diamond, or something more distinctive), and what is special and unique about your relationship that takes it to the next level.

So, the first step in the process is really deciding what kind of look you’re after, and then having us custom design a few ideas to see what really appeals. This is comprised of a few pencil and paper sketches – the brainstorming part of the process. But the next step, which is just as vital, is about bringing those ideas to life!



Model Making

The CAD process allows us to fulfill this need. Don’t want a diamond for her engagement ring, but scared to commit to a ruby without seeing it first? We can show you what that will look like up front. Love the idea of a puzzle ring, but wish it were two-tone? Not a problem. Art of Gems can provide you with unique, customized solutions to satisfy the most discriminating palate – yours. And it allows you to explore the options, without having to commit up front.

To do all this for you, we turn to the science of computer-aided design, or CAD. Using CAD software, we are able to create an virtual model of the piece being created. Don’t be fooled: it’s not just a 2D picture. The CAD model you see on the screen is an exact likeness of the piece – including its size, shape, and texture.

wireframe to render_v7


Once you have approved the model, the next step is production. Depending on the intricacies and requirements of the project, this may be better suited to a mill which literally carves your design out of wax, or a 3D solidscape printer. Finally, any gemstones are set and the finished piece is polished. At Art of Gems, we work with manufacturers right here in the province who have decades of expertise in manufacturing and assembling individual pieces with patience and skill.

Want to learn more about the design process? Take a look at the video below (created by the makers of Matrix 7.0 jewelry design software), that details how it all works – from the initial sketches, to CAD design, to millwork.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Computer Aided Design…

From Design to Mill



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