At Art of Gems, we believe that personal transformation lies at the heart of truly beautiful, heirloom quality, fine jewelry

Transformations are all around us. We may not be aware of what people are going through – which is why the advice to “be kind, you never know what battle someone is fighting” is so apt. But when it comes to personal transformation there is change, and then there is change. Some forms of transformation are momentous, requiring a whole new way of thinking – of perceiving oneself, and the world around you. There is changing your job – and starting a whole new career. There is starting a fitness regime – and coming back from cancer. There is marring your high school sweetheart right out of school – and reaching out to someone you have not spoken to in decades, who may not remember your name.

Moreover, transformations rarely occur in isolation. A personal crisis may lead to the realization that one hasn’t been following their passion. A health scare may result in a re-examination of one’s faith. There is a snowball-like nature to these events.

The kind of change I am talking about involves risk. It is the big, scary, ugly change that results in personal transformation. It requires real courage. Some people may never experience it.

But if you’re on this page, I’m guessing that you have, or that you’re going through it right now. It’s about picking your path when you reach the fork in the road – with intention.

section dividerAffirm your Intentions

The jewelry I make marks these decision points – moments of higher awareness, when synchronicities abound, and it becomes clear that, truly, it all happens for a reason.

It is my calling to design beautiful jewelry especially to mark these transitions. I invite you to check out my four Collections:

  • Restore – nature inspired pieces with a focus on healing, rejuvenation, and vitality
  • Awaken – fanciful, architecturally inspired pieces aligning you with finding your true purpose
  • Embrace  – bold pieces, inspiring courage to build strong relationships… or walk away from those that diminish you
  • Transcend – sparkling, mystical pieces marking your journey to a higher level of spiritual understanding


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