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Artist Statement


Hannah Pazderka, Designer

"To walk in nature is to witness a

thousand miracles"

- Mary Davis


"Part of what makes a snowflake so magical is the fact that no two are exactly alike. Like nature, my pieces are one-of-a-kind. I try to capture the intrinsic beauty of natural materials, like real gemstones and 14-18k gold.

My design aesthetic is mainly influenced by the Art Nouveau period of the early twentieth century. These artists also felt deeply connected with nature, with work highlighting its spiritual, mystical aspects. I try to bring these same qualities to my pieces.

My design work cannot be separated from my identity as a Canadian. I want to pay tribute to awe-inspiring sacred and inspirational places, like our majestic Rocky Mountains. I value seeing the profound in the everyday: The same spot can look entirely different flooded with morning light, shrouded in mist after a heavy rain, or covered by the first snowfall. I draw upon these transformational powers to create timeless pieces for women whose lives are also in transition. ​​


Inspired by some of the most sacred places on planet earth, Art of Gems jewelry is designed around the idea of capturing a little of that magic, and carrying it with you. I hope the sculptural, expressive lines found in every one-of-a-kind piece of my jewelry help you tap in to the sacred, transcendent beauty around us."

Hannah Pazderka is a fine jewelry designer who has been working in Alberta, Canada since 2011.

Contact her personally to learn more about her design philosophy and upcoming works.

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