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The Awaken collection is inspired by meadows of wildflowers in the springtime. It focuses on inspiration, and the discovery and newness associated with transformation. It is thoughtful and curious.

Colours used in these pieces are based on the delicate pastels that emerge from the winter snows. Pieces explore the concept of alpine wildflowers as represented by rows of sparkling, multi-coloured sapphires set in 14k white gold.


The Embrace collection celebrates the abundance and growth of summer. It is about drinking in the excitement and energy that comes with change.

It is vigorous and bold.

These designs feature gemstone cabochons and cushions in bright, bold colours, with their smooth rounded shapes set in 14k yellow or rose gold. Vines of ivy winding around and bringing together the different elements complete the look.



The Reflect collection is tied most closely to the changes of the earth in autumn. It represents the manifestation of summer’s harvest, but also the transformation of the earth as leaves change colour and the trees prepare for dormancy. It is contemplative and complex.

Pieces in this collection feature stamps and engravings, reminiscent of the complex geometry of a stem of leaves. Gemstones in this collection are muted and mysterious, to reflect the changing colours of autumn. Set in 14k yellow gold.


The Transcend collection is inspired by the transformation that occurs, silently, underneath the winter snow. All looks quiet, but there is a lot going on beneath the surface. It is both mysterious and luminous.

A major design element of the Transcend collection comes from the sparkle of snowflakes lit by moonlight against a dark sky. This is reflected in sprinkling of diamonds, sapphires, and other precious stones glittering across the surface of the 14k white gold. Colours in this collection reflect the beauty of the aurora borealis in the winter sky.

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